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Email us to become an affiliate!




Thank you for visiting Here you can find a variety of clan related information, as well as links to check your player statistics, view who is currently playing on the Fraggers Central servers, and to our discussion forums. The easiest way is to use the quick links provided directly below: ...

Day of Defeat: Source? Love it or hate it, it's here to stay. There's no question that it didn't hinder the subsequent break up of easily the best DoD clan in the world.

Fraggers Central has provided a home to players in their hundreds of thousands, quite literally, through out the years and across both sides of the Atlantic. We were rated No. 1 in the world by independent adjudicators, we were mentioned early on by none other than Sir Terry Wogan on his BBC Radio 2 show for our high regard of the 'little ones' who frequented our servers and there were few in the DoD communities who had not heard of the mighty FC.

Today a band of faithful still hold the principles dear over at Fraggerscentral.Us and I have every confidence you'd enjoy playing with them.

The server you see running DoD 1.3 in the UK is actually a backup copy of one of the original FC servers I ran from my fabled basement ;-) It's probably got a few more maps than the original, over 70 in actual fact and has jetpack installed for fun. I put it up to play around with tbh and will probably kill some hours by messing around with it so it will no doubt change (Probably to play all the maps I loved like Festung and mario_air) But if you jumped on and liked it then let me know. Its Ip is

Anyway's have fun and remember; Fraggers Central are the ONLY Official sponsors of a damn fine time!!!


Email us to become an affiliate!